Argot (French, Spanish, Catalan for "slang is a language used by various groups, to prevent outsiders from understanding their conversations. The term argot is also used to refer to the informal specialized vocabulary of study, hobby, job, sport, etc. Victor Hugo was one of the first to research argot extensively. He describes it in his novel, Les Miserables.

Sterling defines argot as "the deliberately hermetic language of a small knowledge clique... a super-specialized geek cult language that has no traction in the real world."

The earliest known recording of the term "argot" was in 1628, and the word probably derives from the name, les argotiers, given to a group of thieves at that time.

nadgers [slang]

nadgers noun
the testicles UK, 1998
Possibly deriving from ‘gonads’, and with a
similarity to KNACKERS, ‘nadgers’ was an all-
purpose nonsense word used by the radio
comedy series The Goon Show during the
• The Pole chose to knock Bowe out by
hitting him in the nadgers with a
punishing three-punch salvo. — FHM
June, 2003

nads [slang]

nads noun
the testicles US, 1964
From ‘gonads’.
• [T]o protect the innocent – ie, his newly
shackled nads from the wrath of his
young bride. — FHM June, 2003


nail verb
to have sex US, 1957
• Name me one chick in our senior class
that Rick Derris didn’t nail, for Christ’s
sake. — Chasing Amy 1997